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Alborz Petronikan Co. has been proud to produce a variety of lubricants at the highest quality level in internal and external standards and with the utilization of homeland experts and foreign consultants since 2009,had made a valuable collection of various types of base oils with different grades.
Petro Nikan Alborz Company has been focusing on expanding its market and proving its capabilities since the very beginning of launching production lines to export markets, and with the efforts of its sincere and capable colleagues has managed to reach more than 15 countries of the world, including Turkey, , Malaysia, Singapore, India and the United Arab Emirates and … (and all neighboring countries).

Gear Oil

The gear oil is an oil that is used to lubricate moving parts in the gear box, differential and steering wheel box of the car.

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Base Oil

Base oil is said to be a base for a lubricant

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Motor Oil

The motor oil as a muti_purpose plays a vital role in the safe operation of the motor vehicle

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Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic oil refers to a group of industrial lubricants, which not only have the role of lubrication, but also act as a mean of transferring power.

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To receive the representation of the products of the Alborz Petronikan company in the provinces, please contact the company’s telephone number or send us an application through the contact us part in our site

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